Cutimed Sorbact Hydrogel Dressing Box/10


The addition of a hydrogel to the Cutimed Sorbact acetate dressing allows bacterial management in dry to very lightly draining wounds.


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Cutimed Sorbact has been proven successful as a non-medicated, antimicrobial dressing for colonized and infected wounds. Instead of using chemically active agents, Cutimed Sorbact employs a surprisingly simple physical principle to effectively bind and inactivate pathogenic bacteria and fungi. With every dressing change, the reduced bacterial load helps to create optimum conditions for the natural wound healing process.


  • No Chemically Active Agent
  • Binds Bacteria and Fungi Instead of Killing Them
  • Promotes Autolytic Debridement
  • Creates Moist Environment for Improved Healing
  • Maintaining the Cell Wall Improves Healing and Long-Term Prevention of Infection


  • Product Number: 7261100, 7261101
  • Length: 3 x 3, 3 x 6 Inch
  • HCPCS: A6231 (7261100), A6232 (7261101)
  • Brand: Cutimed
  • Sterile: Yes
  • Manufacturer: BSN Medical


Cutimed Sorbact can be used wherever microbes impair or hinder wound healing. It cleanses all unclean, colonised or infected wounds regardless of their aetiology, such as

  • chronic wounds, i.e. venous, arterial, diabetic or pressure ulcers
  • postoperative dehisced wounds
  • traumatic wounds
  • wounds after excision of fistulas and abcesses
  • dermal fungal infections


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3" x 3", 3" x 6"


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